We’re all struggling right now, but some are struggling more than others. Students and teachers have been forced to take learning online, businesses are closing, and people are struggling to make ends meet or even put food on the table. Kia has not turned a blind eye to this, but rather, Kia Motors has worked tirelessly to give back to those in need during this crisis. Here are some of their ongoing relief efforts as a part of their “Accelerate the Good” initiative: 


PPE Donations and Face Shield Production 


In March, Kia began their “Accelerate the Good Initiative” by donating N95 masks and gloves to medical facilities throughout Orange County, California, where the brand is headquartered. Kia Motors Manufacturing has used a portion of the U.S. plants to produce protective face shields in response to shortages in personal protective equipment (PPE) for frontline healthcare workers. Recently, a plant in Georgia produced 15,000 face shields and donated them to the Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA). Kia will gradually increase their face shield productions to 200,000 shields a month. The next donations will be delivered to medical facilities in Southern California and New York. 


Donations to Non-Profit Organizations to Support Homeless Youth 


Kia Motors donated $1 million to non-profit partners supporting homeless youth in the United States. These organizations include Covenant House, StandUp for Kids and Family Promise. These donations will help homeless youth receive the shelter and care they need in an effort to help fight the spread of COVID-19. Shelter-in-place orders are impossible for homeless youth without intervention and care, and these non-profit partners can help make a difference during this challenging time. 


Special Programs for New and Existing Kia Customers


To help ease the financial burden on new and existing customers, Kia has announced several programs. New customers can take advantage of up to 120-day payment deferrals and 0% APR for up to 75 months on Kia’s most popular models. For existing customers, the Kia Promise warranty coverage extension program eases concerns experienced by some owners who may not be able to bring their vehicles to a Kia dealership for repairs due to COVID-19 but have warranties that are expiring. For customers that have financed their vehicle with Kia Motors Finance, options are available to defer payments or temporarily extend leases. 


At Steve Landers Kia, we’re proud to represent a company that is dedicated to giving back. This is a challenging time, but we’ll get through it together. If you are interested in taking advantage of Kia’s current 120-day deferred payment program, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here for you throughout this crazy time for your transportation needs. 


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