Are you tired of being cooped up inside? We know that is probably how your car feels, too! This summer, get out and see some of the most beautiful sights Arkansas has to offer all from the safety of your vehicle! Arkansas has some amazing scenic drives and byways so you can escape for an afternoon. Plus, your car that has been idle in the garage for weeks will thank you for the chance to stretch its legs and charge its battery! Here are some of our favorite scenic drives and byways in Arkansas for you to enjoy! 


Pig Trail National Scenic Byway 

The Pig Trail National Scenic Byway runs through the forested Boston mountains region of the Arkansas Ozark Mountains. The trail is blooming with wildflowers in spring and summer and adorned in vibrant autumn foliage in the fall. To experience this 19-mile drive yourself, take I-40 north from Little Rock. Take exit 35 to get on Arkansas State Highway 23 through Franklin County to its intersection with Arkansas Highway 16 at Brashears in Madison County.


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Crowley’s Ridge National Scenic Byway


Crowley’s Ridge is a awe-inspiring geological formation that rises up to 550 feet above the alluvial plain of the Mississippi embayment in the Delta. The ridge was formed over millions of years of erosion from the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers and deposits of wind-blown soils added height to the ridge. The Arkansas portion of the route runs 198 miles along the ridge, but you can choose a potion of the drive for your trip. The byway is rich with history, wildlife and roadside attractions such as Native American Sites, Civil War battlefields, old-fashioned country stores and more! 


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Sylamore Scenic Byway

The Sylamore Scenic Byway offers views of mountain vistas, limestone cliffs and white oak and hickory forests. The route starts at Blanchard Springs Caverns in Fifty-Six and travels to the White River at Calico Rock for 26.5 miles. East Calico Rock began as a trading post for French traders and trappers along the white river. The original Ghost Town settlement is known as “Peppersauce” for its local moonshine production. 20 buildings still remain from the original settlement and can be seen from the street by foot. 


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