Even though stores and restaurants are beginning to open up, you may still be spending less time on the road. If you are staying home and your car isn’t getting much mileage, you still need to give it a little attention to keep it in shape! Follow these tips and your car will be ready to go when you’re driving it regularly again. 

Change the Oil and Top Up Fluids 

Make sure to change the oil in your vehicle! Dirty oil can thicken after long-term storage, making it difficult to start the vehicle when you drive again. Make your appointment for your oil change on our website now. 


Keep the Battery Charged 


Keep the battery charged by driving your car around for 15 minutes every two weeks. This will help maintain your battery’s charge and keep the engine and components adequately lubricated. If you aren’t able to drive the car every few weeks, disconnect the battery to prevent acid leaks. You can keep the battery charged with a trickle charger or battery tender. 


Keep Gas in Your Car and Use a Stabilizer

Keeping gas in your car will keep the gas tank from rusting. If your car is sitting for longer than two months, consider adding a stabilizer to the gas. The stabilizer will help preserve your fuel and prevent damage to the gas tank. Simply follow the instructions on the packaging to determine how much stabilizer your tank will need. 


Check Your Tire Pressure

Check your tire pressure frequently and keep your tires inflated to the recommended pressure. Consider using tire jacks to prevent flat spots if your car will be stored for an extended period of time. 


Use a Car Cover or Store Your Vehicle in a Climate-Controlled Garage

Consider purchasing a car cover to protect your vehicle from body damage or use a climate-controlled garage. Make sure to clean and detail your car before putting the cover on! 


If you have any questions or concerns about your vehicle during this time, don’t hesitate to give us a call. The service department at Steve Landers Kia is here for you! To make life easier right now, we are now offering Landers Direct. Landers Direct is a new way to service your vehicle from the comfort of your home. Simply schedule your appointment and we take care of the rest! Learn more about Landers Direct in our blog here


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