Take a Scare Tour of Arkansas!

October is upon us and the horror fan inside all of us is just dying to get out. Seen every horror flick on your list? Not feeling sated by pumpkins and trick-or-treating? Maybe it’s time to take your experience to the next level and take a scare tour around Arkansas’s haunted locations! Let’s explore some of our favorite stops and some that set chills down our spine.

Odds are high that you’ve heard of Arkansas’s most famous haunted locale. Located in Eureka Springs, the 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa is still open to visitors looking to spend the night and explore the secret tunnels below the hotel. You’ll have to book your stay months in advance if you’re looking to stay in Room 218. A stonecutter working on the building fell to his death in Room 218, resulting in various hauntings related to the room over the years. Residents also report smelling tobacco smoke from Dr. John Freemont Ellis, the hotel’s former physician, alongside spectral pools of blood, ghosts in the morgue and eerie noises. Think that you can make it through the night?

Next up on our tour is the Peel Mansion in Bentonville, Ark. Constructed by U.S. Congressman Samuel Peel back in 1875, the mansion is supposedly haunted by Peel himself. Visitors report seeing Peel walking the halls of his old residence and hearing melodious piano notes coming out of the piano room, said to be the spirit of his daughter Minnie Peel. Whatever these occurrences may be, we’re sure that the horror enthusiast in you will be excited to take a tour of the mansion and even learn some history about Peel and Arkansas at the same time!

Little Rock’s shining glory, the Arkansas State Capitol, has a much darker origin that most know about. Raised on the site of the former Arkansas State Penitentiary, construction workers and excavators discovered wooden coffins and the remains of former prisoners were unearthed. As if this bad omen wasn’t enough, in 1932 Arkansas Representative Ira Gurley was crushed by the Capitol’s south elevator. Whether or not these apparitions had a part in Gurley’s unfortunate death, we can’t say, but many claim to have heard eerie moans and frightening footsteps in the basement of the Capitol building. It’s free to visit and tour the Capitol, although we can’t promise you’ll have access to the basement and some of the more creepy areas, but it’s always worth a visit!

Last, but not least, is the East Calico Rock Historic District. A ghost town of over 20 buildings, there’s not much going on in the district. You can take a self-led walking tour and explore 22 detailed signs with photographs and information on the buildings. There’s an eerie air to the district and we’d be remiss if we didn’t suggest walking into the abandoned town jail-- you might just find what you’re looking for. 

While all of these locations are frightening in their own regard, they’re all jull of storied history and bear witness to the modernization of the great state of Arkansas. Need a new ride to take you on your very own scare tour? The 2020 Kia Sportage SUV is here and ready to get you and your “scaredy cats” around the state and off to some haunts. 

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