Arkansas is chock-full of storied history and most of it is right in your own backyard! Odds are high that you’ve been to Hot Springs, but did you know that the bathhouses that line Bathhouse Row are over 100 years old? Looking for a fun way to spend your next weekend? Look no further than the Hot Springs Bathhouse Row tour!

Hale- Built in 1892, the Hale Bathhouse is the oldest member of Bathhouse Row. A sunroom and direct connection to a thermal cave brought in visitors by the thousands. Unfortunately, the Hale closed its services 1978, but there’s plenty of history to be seen!

Buckstaff - Experience a full-thermal treatment at the Buckstaff Bathhouse! Buckstaff opened in 1912 and has been in constant operation since. Doric columns and urns adorn the Buckstaff’s steps, highlighting the intricate design that Bathhouse Row is known for. The Buckstaff has a capacity of 1,000 bathers, making for one MASSIVE bathhouse. 

Maurice - Currently closed, the Maurice Bathhouse once rivaled the Fordyce Bathhouse in both design and offerings. Luxurious at its core, the Maurice was the only structure on Bathhouse Row to have a pool for a long time. Sadly, all we can do is look at this gorgeous Victorian-style bathhouse, but we have hope that one day it’ll reopen!

Fordyce - Bigger and grander than any other, the Fordyce Bathhouse made a name for itself when it opened in 1915. Offering luxurious services spread out on three floors, the Fordyce is a beautiful example of architecture and Hot Springs history. Now, the bathhouse serves as a museum and the Visitors Center for Hot Springs National Park. It’s definitely worth a visit!

Superior - Superior opened with one intention: to bring the lowest rates to tourists and regulars. Offering only hydrotherapy, mercury and massage services, the bathhouse has since closed its services and now functions as the only brewery in a United States National Park. Utilizing thermal spring water to make beer, the Superior Bathhouse Brewery is a must when traveling to Hot Springs!

Ozark - Breathtaking Spanish Colonial Revival style meets Art Deco at the Ozark Bathhouse. Hosting just twenty-seven tubs, the Ozark didn’t offer the lavish features that its competitors did, but it was completely fine with that. Now, the Ozark serves as the Hot Springs National Park Cultural Center. Home to local artists’ work and events during the weekends, the Cultural Center is free for all. Be sure to stop by!


Quapaw - The Quapaw Bathhouse is by and far the longest bathhouse on the row. You can still visit the Quapaw and take your family for an authentic bathhouse experience. Renovated as a modern spa, there’s something for everyone at the Quapaw!

Lamar - Last, but not least, is the Lamar Bathhouse! Spanish in design and renowned for featuring varying sizes of baths, the Lamar closed its services in 1985, but still hosts a research library, park archives, offices, museum storage and the Bathhouse Row Emporium. 

We’d be remiss not to encourage a day trip to Hot Springs to tour Bathhouse Row. For more information on the bathhouses, you can head to Bathhouse Row’s website. Need a ride to get your and your friends around Arkansas to fun locales like the bathhouses? The 2020 Kia Soul brings funky design and undeniable performance into one affordable and exciting ride! 

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