Top 10 Thanksgiving Side Dishes to Bring to your Gathering!

Chances are pretty high that you’re traveling somewhere for Thanksgiving. Whether celebrating with family or friends, you’re sure to prepare a side dish to help out with the delicious feast. Let’s take a look at ten of our favorite accoutrements in the Thanksgiving lineup!

10. Cranberry Sauce 

While you might consider it a sauce, we’d be remiss to not include cranberry sauce on our list. Smother your stuffing in cranberry sauce and you’re sure to send those taste buds to the moon. 

9. Baked Mac and Cheese

We don’t know who invented baked mac and cheese, but boy are we sure glad they did. The perfect amount of creamy cheese is supported by enough crunch to make you sit back in your chair and think that everything is ok in the world. 

8. Green Bean Casserole

Children usually hate green beans, but that just means there’s more for the rest of us! Bring a green bean casserole to your Thanksgiving feast and you’re sure to be the hero of the day! 

7. Deviled Eggs

Colorful, easy to munch on and undeniably delicious, deviled eggs are bound to be a hit at your celebration. We’re going to break the news to you early, don’t expect to have any leftover deviled eggs to take home… they’ll go fast. 

6. Mashed Potatoes

Is there anything mashed potatoes can’t do? You’ll score a home-run for sure if you’re the mashed potatoes bearer. 

5. Cornbread

There are so many different ways to prepare cornbread, you’ll have everyone salivating just trying to guess if its sweet or not. Our guess? Your cornbread is going to be a hit, regardless!

4. Sweet Potato Casserole

Two casseroles in one top-ten list? You better believe it! Send your friends and family into a state of child-like joy when you pull out the sweet potato casserole. Perfect to pair with turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce, there’s no chance your casserole will be a flop. 

3. Stuffing

Speaking of stuffing… make some killer stuffing and your friends will be begging you for your recipe. There’s plenty online, but we’re sure that your grandmother probably has an amazing recipe just for you. 

2. Pumpkin Pie

We could devote an entire list to Thanksgiving desserts, but we figured we’d put the undisputed holiday pie on this list. Spiced to perfection and with a crust that could make a grown man cry, pumpkin pie is a must have at any Thanksgiving feast. Bring it. Seriously, the smiles will be more than enough to make your spirits soar. 

  1. Rolls

Whew, let’s be honest here. A good roll can absolutely dominate a Thanksgiving plate. We don’t want hardtack, we want soft, buttery and big rolls on our plates this year! Bring the rolls and you’ll be the ‘roll family’ for the rest of your life. But is that such a bad thing? 

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