Consumer Guide Auto names Soul, Rio Best Buy Winners

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The Kia Soul and Rio have just been named 2019 Consumer Guide Automotive Best Buy Award winners. The Soul won for its roomy cabin and value pricing while the Rio won for its ride and road manners.

“It’s always rewarding for Kia and its employees when any of our vehicles receives an award,” Kia Executive Director of Car Planning and Telematics Orth Headrick said. “But it’s doubly gratifying when it’s two vehicles, this time Rio and Soul, and even better when we’re recognized by a respected publication like Consumer Guides.”

Consumer Guide Automotive notes why the Soul is so compelling: “It’s easy to see why the Kia Soul has a lot of personality, but it’s also one of the most comfortable and refined subcompacts around — particularly in optioned-up form. The ride is decently absorbent, the handling is reasonably nimble, and the cabin is surprisingly spacious.”

For the Rio, Consumer Guide says it’s more than just a no-frills subcompact with a great price and fuel economy.

“The Kia Rio certainly fulfills the affordable and economical part, but it’s got a few more frills — and it’s more entertaining to drive — than you might expect, considering its class and its price. The availablity of a forward collision warning system with automatic emergency braking is a real plus as well.”

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Tom Appel, Consumer Guide’s publisher, summed it all up by saying the Soul and Rio are great vehicles because they perform well and give a level of class well beyond their prices.

“Kia’s two 2019 Best Buy Awards demonstrate the brand’s ability to build high-value vehicles that offer car buyers levels of comfort and refinement that are generally found in more expensive offerings,” he said. “The Kia Soul earns our Best Buy honors primarily for its excellent passenger and cargo accommodations and its value pricing and the Kia Rio warrants our Best Buy honors for its impressive value and refinement for the price. Rio is one of the best-riding and quietest vehicles in its class.”

Consumer Guides editors log over 100,000 miles every year to evaluate vehicles, according to Appel. To assess vehicles in real-world driving experiences, they use objective criteria like resale value, reliability records, fuel economy, accommodations, performance, features and price. 

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