2016 Kia Soul EV

When it comes to packing an efficient punch, you'll be hard pressed to find a vehicle in Little Rock that does it quite like the upcoming 2016 Kia Soul EV at Steve Landers Kia. An electric-powered compact SUV, the 2016 Soul EV is in a class all its own, thanks to its unique design, its wealth of features and its impressive power output. It's not just power--it's Soul Power.


Plug in and head out, all within a matter of minutes with the 2016 Kia Soul EV. With three ways to charge, including the standard DC Fast Charging system, you can give your Soul EV juice at home, at work, or at the many public charging stations that are continuing to pop up throughout Arkansas.

The DC Fast Charging system allows your battery to go from empty to an 80% charge in a matter of 30 minutes. Now there's never a need to be running on empty. All you need is a standard 120-volt outlet--one that you use to power household appliances will do just fine.

So what's the advantage to an EV vehicle? Nearly eliminating carbon emissions is one advantage. But how does an EPA estimated 93 mpg fuel efficiency sound? It's hard to argue with a number that remarkably high.


Much like the 2016 Soul, the Soul EV provides incredible comfort and utility inside the cabin. Split folding rear seats, the under-floor battery and its many storage options means your Soul EV will feel spacious and capable of carrying a full load. And don't forget that the Soul EV's interior is comprised of bio-based materials and paint that is free of harmful chemicals. It's a clean ride in every sense of the word.

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